January 1st, 2013  |  Published in Inspiration, Wellbeing


Health can often be thought of as a purely physical thing without wider consideration and understanding. If we want to obtain or maintain opitimum health, we need to look a little wider.

This includes our nutrition, consumption (of any foods and our mental diet including media), emotions, lifestyle and how most things in life are connected meaning that a change in one area can impact on others too.

A great acronym I like to use for health is as follows:

H – Happiness (your happiness level & subjective experience)

E – Emotions (your emotional state and balance)

A – Activites (being physically active but also including mental & emotional activities)

L – Lifestyle (how you live, act and the choices you make including nutrition & consumption)

T – Thoughts (your state of mind, your mental activity, quality of thinking and beliefs about life & health)

H – Holistic (understanding the whole – how all things are inter-connected and related)

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