“Step on to the path and let the journey unfold…” – Sal

January 1st, 2013  |  Published in Latest Noetic News, Uncategorized

We teach Vinyasa-Flow Yoga and Hatha Yoga.

Hatha Vinyasa Flow yoga is a dynamic, flowing class designed to work every area of the body in a safe, enjoyable environment. In the flowing sequences, we synchronise the breath with movement to music creating a fluid approach to the practice. The dynamic nature of the flowing classes help create warmth in the body which increases suppleness as you practice which can be particularly helpful with less flexible people. This practice helps tone, sculpt, strengthen and stretch the body creating balance & harmony in the body and stillness & clarity in the mind.

Hatha yoga is a calmer practice with a strong emphasis on alignment and working to your own level. The ‘precision-based’ classes aim to address imbalances in the body and help build strength & flexibility in equal measure. Using attention and awareness throughout the practice helps focus the mind, and brings a sense of peace within. With regular practice you’ll also benefit from increased levels of energy, improved posture and general well-being.

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